Let’s live in a Detached House Cheaper than an Apartment for Rent

We need a place to live wherever we are. And, hopefully I want to live in my home, hopefully it will not be a false feeling. However, housing is expensive enough to be said to be a lifetime shopping. So, as my home is a faraway dream, many people are forced to live in a rental apartment, at best, a rental apartment. However, in this case the room fee and rent are higher as they are closer to the city center, and other administrative expenses are also required. Then, if you sum up for one year on the calculation, even if you live in a rental apartment you will pay a considerable amount of money.

It seems that it is more expensive than borrowing a rented apartment to rent a house with a single house, but it seems that it is not really the case actually. House of a detached house may be cheaper than a rented apartment rather than saying. The reason is that the rental apartment is generally located in a location with good transportation and shopping convenience, but the house of a detached house probably is located in the suburbs. Certainly many rental apartments will be convenient for commuting, but considering the rent somewhat, it seems that a single-family rental house can live cheaply throughout the year, even if the location conditions are bad. I will look at a single-family rental house from such a point of view.

I rent out a rental system called a rented house

Unlike rented apartments and rental apartments, rented houses are to rent a detached house. Previously, there were many wooden plants and two-story houses in Japan, but for various reasons it gradually became a collective housing, people who build apartments using the detached house and the garden site until then Has increased. If this apartment management goes further, it will become apartment management, but the rental system basically is not so big either in a rental house, an apartment or an apartment.

In other words, there is a person interview of the owner of any type before moving in, furthermore the tenants agree on the terms after moving in, and you can live if you pay the necessary security deposit and previous rent. For this reason owners and residents exchange contracts, but the intermediary is a real estate agent. And the real estate agent stands between the owner who is the lender and the tenant of the borrower and introduces the property, so we receive key money in return.

Recently the key money system seems to be in the direction to be abolished, but the security deposit system is still left. When a tenant leaves the residence, returning to the original state is a basic contract, but if you live for many years you will not return to the original state. And since renting is necessary for the next borrow, the deposit is sometimes used for the renovation, but the original purpose of the deposit is a kind of deposit for filling up the delinquency etc. of the rent. Basically, the rental system called a rented house is not so different from an apartment or a condominium as it is decided by the law on Japanese rental houses in this way.

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